Vidahlia Press & Publishing House, Inc. is an independent publisher committed to giving a voice to artists from all walks of life and to nurturing talent from unexpected places worldwide. An open-minded publisher with a soul, Vidahlia is interested in taking stories and ideas and presenting them in beautiful and creative ways to a global audience via a variety of media.

Founded in 2013, Vidahlia was established as a portal to unite curious and intelligent readers with talented and unrecognized artists. Vidahlia launched the country’s most ambitious prison writing program, soliciting work from artists behind bars across the country and working with a distinguished panel of judges to evaluate the work.

Following the national launch of its annual prison writing competition, Vidahlia will publish an annual anthology of the best contributions, including stories, poems, original graphic artwork, and other materials presented in a beautiful and affordable format. In addition to this signature anthology, Vidahlia will publish print and electronic books in various genres, focusing on personal autobiography and biography, fiction from exceptional new voices, literary non-fiction, and poetry. Over time, Vidahlia will develop its collection of electronic products, multi-media products, and gifts and collectibles to introduce to the marketplace.

Vidahlia’s flexible publishing model is designed to allow for maximum growth across multiple channels and throughout multiple media platforms, with national product distribution following traditional and original sales structures. In three phases as outlined below (See Strategy Summary), Vidahlia will evolve its small, traditional book publishing model into a robust media production company that employs its innovate sales strategies to deliver content to people around the world.

Vidahlia boasts several unique industry advantages. Vidahlia’s business model is based upon an innovative and flexible publishing platform, coupled with a vigorous sales structure. Furthermore, the company is composed of a team of experts who not only know how to cultivate and support new talent, but who also have an astute understanding of intellectual property. When an author enters into a relationship with Vidahlia, that artist can be sure that the process of collaboration will result in highly creative, quality work.

Vidahlia makes a promise to both readers and writers. To its writers, Vidahlia promises to honor their artistic endeavors and provide excellent service in sharing their words with the world. To its readers, Vidahlia promises to deliver new and authentic material carefully selected from unexpected sectors. Vidahlia has the experience, dedication, and knowledge to keep these promises and raise its publishing profile to a level of international renown.

Inspired by the stories of those who have striking and unusual voices, Vidahlia Press & Publishing House, Inc. is a tirelessly innovative company. Vidahlia is committed to creating and distributing literary products, outstanding in their spirit, dignity, appeal, and value, across a variety of media.  The company’s aim is to find, develop, and share the stories of exceptional people whose voices speak of resiliency and hope.

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