• I am an artist with a manuscript or portfolio I would like to submit to Vidahlia Press for review. What is your policy on accepting unsolicited manuscripts?
    • Unlike many press and publishing houses, Vidahlia Press will accept unsolicited manuscripts. After reviewing the artist’s work, if we are interested in moving forward with the artist, we will contact him or her. Please do not send original manuscripts as we are not able to return them. Vidahlia Press & Publishing House, Inc. is not responsible for returning copies of submitted works.
  • Why did Vidahlia create the prison writing contest?
    • To launch Vidahlia Press & Publishing House, Inc. with the creation of the largest prison writing contest as a vehicle to maximize talent identification.
    • To draw attention to the project to maximize the talent identification process.
    • As a talent call for all writers, lyricists, poets, and artists.
    • To create an awareness in the general public of Vidahlia Press & Publishing House, Inc. as a portal for untapped talent
    • To position and prepare Vidahlia to be the voice of prison literary talent worldwide.
  • Once the prison writing contest is over, what does Vidahlia Press do with the submissions? Does Vidahlia take ownership of the work? Will it be released back to the author?
    • Vidahlia Press & Publishing House, Inc. will not take ownership, and will not return submissions. Additionally, Vidahlia will pay a prorated commission based upon the number of artists selected for the anthology.

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